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sri lankan ancient arts

TAILOR-MADE Holiday Solutions Provider to the Luxury Travel Industry


'Ace Travel Solutions (Pvt) Ltd' is purely designed to cater to bespoke travel and especially for those who admire the value of Experiential Journeys. Our team consists of dedicated destination specialists who have been working in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and we will create your personalized getaway combining our best products, off-the-beaten-path activities, exciting unique lodgings, and our extra attention to the details which will absolutely exceed your expectations during your holiday.


This extraordinary island, despite its compact size, comprises ancient ruins, rich culture, and magnificent biodiversity that offer you a range of vivid choices of experiences. Your designated advisor will be keen to share the expertise through first-hand experiences and help you design your tailor-made itinerary around your best interests. Our ultimate prospect is to indulge you with our unique philosophy called ‘Luxury of Travel’ which converts the real way of local life into rich experiences. In this context, we take pride to showcase our prominent concept as you scroll down.


We design itineraries with the utmost care and attention to every detail for those who value 'Experiential Travel'.


Pick 'Exclusive Resort' accommodations combined with 'Lesser-known activities/ Experiences' to meet with your budget.


'Highly Talented and Experienced Travel Consultants' with a proven track record in the tourism industry.


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Luxury Sri Lanka

Luxury accommodation, private villas, charter flights/helicopters, and unique experiences across the island.


Cultural Heritage

Over 2000 years of ancient ruins, legends & folklore, historical places, and warm hospitality.

dambulla cave temple

​Ayurveda & Wellness

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.

ayurveda treatments at santani wellness resort

Amazing Wildlife

Recognized as one of the finest wildlife watching countries in South Asia.

wildlife tours by ace travel solutions


Cultural Heritage, Golden Beaches, Wildlife, and Natural Habitats.

Sri Lanka

‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean' is a small island in the tropics surrounded by golden beaches and deep blue waters. The misty hill country towards the middle of the island is a store of white cascades, lush-green tea terraces spotted with tea pickers of bright red, blue, and purple hues.

Especially a very popular destination for wildlife, including majestic Asian tuskers freely living in their natural habitats. With a proud history that runs back to thousands of years, the ruins of the ancient kingdoms and civilizations with living proof. Keeping aside the breathtaking views, this tropical island provides its unique dishes of mouth-watering spicy food along with a cup of hot Ceylon tea.

We are renowned for our great hospitality. Wherever you go, you will always be served with a warm smile by the local people. You will feel the warmth of your own home away from home.

Sri Lanka Map

We would like to share some of our sample itineraries to give you a glimpse of the different routes which we can make across the country to meet different expectations and likings. This also allows us to share the inspirational ideas that we use to make our itineraries more attractive and unique.


We provide free consultation services for tourists who would like to explore real local culture and heritage like a local. In this context, you will get the opportunity to spend a day with a local family to learn about their living style and many other activities and customs that are attached to rural life. Our destination experts are more than willing to assist you with any specific requirement and to enrich your itinerary with authentic and exclusive experiences across the Island.

Apart from the popular tourist attractions and experiences that customers constantly ask to include in their tailor-made itinerary, we will be recommending you such experiences that bring out the feeling of amazement.
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Why Us?

Why we do what we do is defined by our small team of highly self-motivated designers who possess working experience with top-rated, high-end tailor-made agents, and specialist operators worldwide. Our destination specialists are all local-passionate travelers who tour around regularly to discover new hotels, restaurants, visits, lesser-known places, activities, and so on. Your dedicated specialist will help you design your tailor-made itinerary around your interests, budget, and until you are fully satisfied. 


"Destination Experts" with an average experience of more than ten years in the tourism industry.


Knowledgeable, multilingual, and professional tour guides who have proven as the best to do the job perfectly!


We design authentic and exclusive tailor-made holiday packages according to your preferred style. 

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Redefining Luxury

Sri Lanka is one of the finest holiday destinations where you can spend a lifetime unforgettable escape with your loved ones. None other islands may offer the uniqueness that lies within itself. A proven history of more than two millennia, ruins that boast the glory of a great monarchy and rich civilization, traditions, and customs of diverse ethnic groups, the influence of colonization by three great nations ruled over four centuries. And diverse climatic conditions, unique geographical features including flora & fauna, exotic culinary practices, 08 World Heritage (UNESCO) sites, golden sandy beaches, and most of all, a nation renowned for its great hospitality. All in all, you could simply call this isle a little paradise.



We, Ace Travel Solutions, take pride in introducing our vision in the art of traveling based on creativity and real way of local life experience-oriented tourism, which we believe to be the next generation of traveling. We call this concept "Luxury of Travel" the term may give you a glimpse of expensive boutique villas and luxury vehicles for transportation, but I am afraid that it is not the same. Through this concept, we will indulge you in a deep insight into the diverse values of the cultures and livelihoods of different ethnic groups and their socioeconomic contribution to the country. Our destination specialists do frequent visits across the island to identify different lifestyles, which we can develop into rich experiences to international travelers while ensuring the standards to secure the privacy and safety of our clients.



We take all the efforts to promote environmentally friendly practices while integrating sustainability into our operational objectives and minimize our carbon footprint. Besides, we also engage in charity projects to help low-income families while generating new income opportunities through rural tourism planned in a way that you could make meaningful contributions to uplift the local community.

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