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'Ace Travel Solutions (Pvt) Ltd' is specifically designed to cater to bespoke travel, especially for those who appreciate the value of Experiential Journeys. Our team consists of dedicated destination specialists who have been working in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. We will create your personalized getaway by combining our best products, off-the-beaten-path activities, exciting unique lodgings, and our meticulous attention to details, all of which will undoubtedly exceed your expectations during your holiday. Despite its compact size, this extraordinary island comprises ancient ruins, a rich culture, and magnificent biodiversity, offering you a vivid array of experiential choices. Your designated advisor will be eager to share their expertise through first-hand experiences and assist you in designing a tailor-made itinerary based on your best interests. Our ultimate goal is to immerse you in our unique philosophy called ‘Luxury of Travel,’ which transforms the real essence of local life into rich experiences. In this context, we take pride in showcasing our prominent concept as you scroll down.


We craft detailed itineraries with care for those who appreciate 'Experiential Travel'.


Choose 'Exclusive Resort' paired with 'Lesser-known activities' to match your preferences.


'Highly skilled and experienced travel consultants' with a proven track record in the tourism industry.


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Cultural Heritage, Golden Beaches, Wildlife, and Natural Habitats.

Sri Lanka

The 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' is a small tropical island, surrounded by golden beaches and deep blue waters. The misty hill country in the island's center boasts white cascades, lush-green tea terraces dotted with tea pickers in bright red, blue, and purple hues. It's a popular wildlife destination, home to majestic Asian tuskers freely roaming in their natural habitats. With a history spanning thousands of years, ancient kingdom ruins and civilizations stand as living proof. Beyond the breathtaking views, this tropical island offers unique dishes of mouth-watering spicy food along with a cup of hot Ceylon tea. Renowned for great hospitality, wherever you go, locals will always serve you with a warm smile. You'll feel the warmth of your home away from home.

Sri Lanka Map

We'd like to share some sample itineraries to give you a glimpse of the various routes we can create across the country to meet diverse expectations and preferences. This also lets us share inspirational ideas used to make our itineraries more appealing and unique.

In addition to the commonly requested tourist attractions and experiences for custom itineraries, we'll suggest experiences that evoke a sense of amazement.
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Why Us?

Our motivation stems from a small, highly self-motivated team with extensive experience collaborating with top-rated, high-end tailor-made agents and specialist operators globally. Our destination specialists are passionate local travelers who regularly explore new hotels, restaurants, visits, lesser-known places, activities, etc. Your dedicated specialist will assist in crafting your tailor-made itinerary based on your interests, budget, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


"Destination Experts" with an average experience of more than ten years in the tourism industry.


Knowledgeable, multilingual, and professional tour guides who have proven as the best to do the job perfectly!


We design authentic and exclusive tailor-made holiday packages according to your preferred style. 

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Redefining Luxury

Sri Lanka stands as an exceptional holiday destination for an unforgettable escape with loved ones. The island's uniqueness is unrivaled, boasting a proven history of over two millennia, ruins reflecting a grand monarchy and rich civilization, diverse ethnic traditions, colonial influences spanning four centuries, varied climatic conditions, unique geography, exotic culinary practices, 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites, golden sandy beaches, and renowned hospitality. In essence, it's a little paradise. At Ace Travel Solutions, we take pride in introducing our vision for travel—a creative, real-life experience-oriented approach we call 'Luxury of Travel' It's not just about expensive villas and luxury transportation. Instead, it's a deep dive into the diverse values, cultures, and livelihoods of different ethnic groups, offering rich experiences while maintaining privacy and safety standards. Our destination specialists regularly explore the island to develop these unique lifestyles into meaningful experiences for international travelers. We are committed to environmentally friendly practices, integrating sustainability into our operations to minimize our carbon footprint. Additionally, we engage in charity projects to support low-income families and create new income opportunities through thoughtfully planned rural tourism, allowing travelers to make meaningful contributions to local communities.

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